New Services

Below is a list of the new services that we now offer.

BCBS – We will file with BCBS to obtain your BCBS Record ID, and then submit you for enrollment to the BCBS plans you “opted-in” to.

Medicare & Medicaid – We use PECOS to complete any group/individual applications to Medicare for enrollment. After Medicare approves your application and assigns PTAN(s), we will then use the TMHP website to complete your group/individual applications for Medicaid enrollment. Once Medicare and Medicaid approve the applications and we have the enrollment letters, we will submit you to the Medicare and Medicaid plans you “opted-in” to.

Tricare – We will complete the online enrollment to get you Tricare Certified. Once we receive notice that you are certified, we will submit you to Tricare Prime if you “opted-in” to this plan.

CAQH – New Set-Up for Provider including one-year Quarterly Maintenance. This would be for any provider just graduating from school who does not have a CAQH set up and completed.

CAQH – Quarterly Maintenance on an Annual Basis.  CAQH requires that your profile is updated every 3 months. This annual service is based on when we start maintenance of your CAQH.

NPI # – Enumeration of NPI 2. *Required for all providers to participate with TIOPA.

Expedited Credentialing (TIOPA Board only, not to the plans) – Will process a provider’s application, approve via expedited policy and submit to plans. (To be put on Board Grid the following Board Meeting) There is a 10-day window of opportunity for this.  Expedited credentialing is available beginning 10 days before the board to the Wednesday after board.

Expedited Recredentialing (TIOPA Board only, not to the plans) – Late fee applies if Reappointment Applications are not received on the Wednesday before the board deadline.