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Ginger Lento

Ginger Lento

Executive Director/Board Secretary

(817) 484-6274, Ext. 8003

As TIOPA’s Executive Director, Ginger is responsible for the overall operation of the organization, including strategic planning and implementing a high-quality vision for the organization. Ginger joined TIOPA on March 1, 2017, bringing extensive experience in business administration. The TIOPA Board of Directors selected Ginger as TIOPA’s Executive Director when her predecessor announced his retirement.
Ginger’s faith sets the direction of her life. This is true in her professional life, as it is in her personal life. The result is that TIOPA, its other employees, and its Members all benefit from her presence. She has the rare ability to visualize the potential of a business, identify the steps needed to fulfill that potential, then inspire the rest of the team to fulfill the vision. She describes herself as a “working leader”, one who works beside her teammates, but also creates policies and procedures to guide them in her absence. Her coworkers know she places a priority on their individual success and happiness, as they contribute to the success of the company. They admire her for her strength and determination to promote positive change.
Before becoming TIOPA’s Executive Director, Ginger served as its Director of Finance and Operations. In this position, she helped guide TIOPA to a position of financial strength and built an experienced team, and this guaranteed that TIOPA would continue to deliver high-level services to its Members.
Before joining TIOPA, Ginger built a successful career as a paralegal and office manager of a law firm. She has served as executive director in other nonprofit organizations. In these positions, she learned to make all the component parts of a business function together to accomplish its mission.
Ginger also believes it is vital to help those who are in need in the world around her. She helps women through her personal ministry, serves as a Volunteer Chaplain for Tarrant County Jail, and is on the Board of Directors of Abby’s House, an organization that helps people with a wide variety of needs.

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Susan Stevens

Susan Corbett

Finance Manager

(817) 484-6274, Ext. 8009

Alesha Ferro

Alesha Ferro

Operations Manager

(817) 484-6274, Ext. 8010

Ozzie Rodriguez

Network and Contracting Manager

(817) 484-6274, Ext. 8000


Laura (LJ) Foster

Laura (LJ) Foster

Credentialing Supervisor

(817) 484-6274, Ext. 8007

Hayden Maldonado

Credentialing Coordinator – Recredentialing

817-484-6274 Ex 8015

Nitea Allen

Credentialing Specialist

817-484-6274 Ex 8011

Erik Granados

Credentialing Specialist

817-484-6274 Ex 8016


Shar-nae Rowe

Shar-nae Rowe

Provider Relations Submission Specialist

(817) 484-6274, Ext. 8006

Diana Snyder

Provider Relations Lead

817-484-6274 Ex 8004

Tammy Aclin

Provider Relations Specialist

(817) 484-6274, Ext. 8014
(817) 642-7771 (direct line)

Courtney LoBrandon

Provider Relations & Extra Services Specialist

817-484-6274 Ex 8002