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Managed Care Organizations

Managed Care OrganizationCommercial HMOCommercial PPODiscount CardMedicare MCOMedicaid
AVERDE Health   PPO      
Beech Street (MultiPlan)   PPO WC Auto      
BlueCross & BlueShield of Texas HMO PPO POS      
Bravo Health Texas (Texas HealthSpring)       MA-HMO MA-PPO STAR+PLUS
Care Improvement Plus (XL Health)       MA-PPO  
ChoiceCare Network - Humana   PPO   MA-HMO MA-PPO  
CIGNA HealthCare of Texas HMO OA Network PPO OA+      
CoastalComp Health Networks   PPO WC      
Cook Children's Health Plan         HMO CHIP
CorVel Healthcare, Inc.   PPO Auto WC      
Coventry - First Health/CCN   PPO Auto WC   MA-PPO  
Evercare by United Healthcare       MA-HMO  
FOCUS (Coventry - Panel Closed)   PPO Auto WC      
Fresenius       MA-PPO  
Galaxy Health Network   PPO NWI MSC SUP    
GreatWest Healthcare- (CIGNA - Panel Closed) HMO PPO POS MSC    
Health e Innovations (Claims Administrative Svc)   WC      
Health Payors Organization Ltd.- IHG (HealthSmart)   PPO      
HealthSmart Preferred Care, Inc.   PPO WC POS EPO GEPO AP3      
HealthSpring of Texas       MA-PPO  
Independent Medical Systems   PPO      
Integrated Health Plan   PPO WC      
Molina Healthcare of Texas       MA-SNP HMO STAR+PLUS CHIP CHIP-PERI
MultiPlan   PPO MSC    
National Choice Care   PPO Auto WC      
National Preferred Provider Network   PPO WC      
Nexcaliber (A.A.G.I.)   PPO      
PacifiCare Health Plans (United Healthcare)       MA-HMO MA-PPO  
PHCS Savility (MultiPlan)   PPO      
ppoNEXT (MultiPlan)   PPO      
Prime Health Services, Inc.   PPO Auto GH WC   MA-PFFS MA-PPO  
Principal Edge Network   PPO      
Private HealthCare Systems (MultiPlan)   PPO      
Provider Select   PPO      
Rockport Community Health Plan   PPO WC      
Secure Horizons (United Healthcare)       MA-HMO MA-PPO  
Sterling Health Plan       MA-PFFS MA-PPO  
Superior Healthplan       MA-PFFS MA-PPO HMO CHIP FC STAR-PLUS
Texan Plus (Texas First)       MA-HMO  
Texas Healthcare Foundation   WC      
Texas True Choice (MultiPlan)   PPO     HMO CHIP CHIP-PERI FC
The Miers Group HMO PPO      
The Reny Company   WC      
Three Rivers Provider Network (Panel Closed)   PPO WC      
Today's Option (Texas First)       MA-PFFS MA-PPO  
TRICARE (Humana Military Healthcare Services) HMO PPO      
Unicare         HMO CHIP
Union Pacific Railroad Employes HS   PPO      
United Healthcare (CVO for Direct Agmts) HMO PPO EPO POS   MA HMO MA PPO  
Universal Health Care Group   PPO   MA HMO MA PPO HMO CHIP
UNTHSC Federal Prison Contract (Closed)   PPO      
USA Managed Care Organization   PPO WC MSC   CHIP
WellCare of Texas, Inc.       MA-HMO  
XL Healthcare - Care Improvement Plus       MA-PPO  
CHIP = Children's Health Insurance Plan
CHIP-PERI = CHIP Perinatal
EPO = Exclusive Provider Organization
FC = Foster Care Medicaid Program
GEPO = Gatekeeper Exclusive Provider Organization
GH = Group Health
HMO = Health Maintenance Organization
MA = Medicare Advantage
MCO = Managed Care Organization
MSC = Medical Savings Card (Discount Card)
NWI = Nonsubscriber Work Injury
POS = Point of Service Plan
PPO = Preferred Provider Organization
OA = Open Access Plan or Network
STAR+ = Star+Plus (Medicaid/Medicare)
SUP = Medicare Supplement
WC = Workers Comp
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